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About Larry Law Law

For the last six years Larry Law Law has worked to help thousands of law students master their exams at even the hardest of law schools.

Larry Law Law's students earned top grades at law schools you may well have heard of:  Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, Chicago, Berkeley, Texas, Virginia, Penn, Wash U, Georgetown, etc., etc., etc.  And not just these usual suspects:  from Iowa to Utah to Florida to New York to Connecticut to California . .  Larry's students kill it in law school.

Larry Law Law's students don't just get good grades.  Some are the very best.  One student credited Larry for getting an A+ (what?) in 1L civil procedure with Arthur Frickin' Miller (the prof, not the playwright. Another got the top grade in torts at Berkeley Law.. Another topped her class while she worked with Larry at Texas.  And so on.

Larry was not bad himself: Order of the Coif, magna cum laude, and Law Review at NYU Law.  With tons of outside activities.  Like beer.

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Get my FREE GUIDE to surprising law school shortcuts that will have you study 2x faster & get better grades.  

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